A1 English



I can understand familiar words and very common expressions about myself, my family and the immediate and concrete environment, if people speak slowly and distinctly.


I can understand names
familiar, words as well as
very simple sentences, by
example in ads,
posters or


I can communicate, from
simple way, provided that
the interlocutor is willing to
repeat or rephrase
sentences more slowly and to
help me formulate what
I try to say. I can ask
simple questions about
familiar topics or about what
I immediately need,
as well as respond to such


Je peux utiliser des
expressions et des phrases
simples pour décrire mon lieu
d'habitation et les gens que je


Je peux écrire une courte carte
postale simple, par exemple
de vacances. Je peux porter
des détails personnels dans un
questionnaire, inscrire par
exemple mon nom, ma
nationalité et mon adresse sur
une fiche d'hôtel.

A2 English



I can understand
expressions and a vocabulary
very common relating to what
concerns me very closely (by
ex. myself, my family, the
shopping, the environment
close, work). I can
grab the essentials of ads and
simple and clear messages.


I can read short texts
very simple. I can find
special information
predictable in documents
currents as small
advertisements, prospectuses,
menus and schedules and I
can understand letters
personal short and


Je peux communiquer lors de
tâches simples et habituelles
ne demandant qu'un échange
d'informations simple et direct
sur des sujets et des activités
familiers. Je peux avoir des
échanges très brefs même si,
en règle générale, je ne
comprends pas assez pour
poursuivre une conversation.


I can use a series of
phrases or phrases for
describe in simple terms my
family and other people, my
living conditions, my training
and my professional activity
current or recent.


I can write notes and
simple and short messages.
I can write a letter
very simple personal, by
example of thanks.

B1 English



I can understand the points
essential when clear language
and standard is used and if it is
familiar topics about the
work, school, hobbies, etc. I
can understand the essentials of
many radio broadcasts
or television news or
on topics that interest me in
personal or professional title if
we speak in a way
relatively slow and distinct.


Je peux comprendre des textes
rédigés essentiellement dans une
langue courante ou relative à
mon travail. Je peux comprendre
la description d'événements,
l'expression de sentiments et de
souhaits dans des lettres


I can deal with the majority
situations that we can
meet during a trip
in a country where the language is
Spoken. I can take part without
preparation for a conversation
on familiar topics or
of personal interest which concern
everyday life (for example
family, leisure, work, travel and


I can articulate expressions
in a simple way in order to
tell stories and experiences
events, my dreams, my
hopes or my goals. I can
briefly give the reasons and
explanations of my opinions or
projects. I can tell a story
story or the plot of a book or
of a movie and express my


Je peux écrire un texte simple et
cohérent sur des sujets familiers
ou qui m'intéressent
personnellement. Je peux écrire
des lettres personnelles pour
décrire expériences et

B2 English



I can understand
lectures and speeches
long enough and even follow a
complex argumentation if the
subject is relatively
familiar. I can understand the
most of the
television news and events
information. I can
understand most movies
in standard language.


I can read articles and
reports on issues
contemporary in which
the authors adopt an attitude
particular or a certain point of
view. I can understand a
contemporary literary text in


I can communicate with a
degree of spontaneity and ease
which makes possible an interaction
normal with an interlocutor
native. I can participate
actively to a conversation
in familiar situations,
present and defend my


I can express myself
clear and detailed on a large
range of topics related to my
hobbies. I can
develop a point of view on
a hot topic and explain
the benefits and the
disadvantages of different


I can write clear texts and
detailed on a wide range
topics related to my interests.
I can write an essay or a
report by transmitting a
information or by exposing
reasons for or against
opinion given. I can write
Letters that showcase
the meaning that I attribute
personally to
events and experiences.

C1 English



I can understand a long
speech even though it's not
clearly structured and that
joints are only
implied. I can understand
television shows and
movies without much effort.


I can understand
factual or literary texts
long and complex and
appreciate the differences in
style. I can understand
specialized articles and
long instructions
techniques even when
are not related to my


I can express myself
spontaneously and fluently
without too much of an obligation
look for my words. I can
use the language so
flexible and efficient for
social relations or
Professional. I can
express my ideas and opinions
and link my interventions to
those of my interlocutors.


Je peux présenter des
descriptions claires et
détaillées de sujets complexes,
en intégrant des thèmes qui
leur sont liés, en développant
certains points et en terminant
mon intervention de façon


I can express myself in a
clear text and well structured and
develop my point of view.
I can write about topics
complex in a letter, a
essay or report, in
highlighting the points that I
judge important. I can
adopt a style adapted to

C2 English



I have no difficulty in
understand the spoken language, that
this is in the conditions of
directly or in the media and
when we speak fast, provided
to have time for myself
familiar with an accent


I can read without effort any type
of text even abstract or
complex as to the substance or the
form, for example a manual,
a specialized article or a
literary work.


I can participate without effort in
any conversation or discussion
and I am also very comfortable with
idiomatic expressions and
current turns. I can
express myself fluently and
express accurately with fine
nuances of meaning. In case of
difficulty, I can walk
back to fix it with
enough skill and for it
goes almost unnoticed.


I can present a
description or argumentation
clear and fluid in style
adapted to the context, build
a way presentation
logical and help my listener to
notice and remember the
important points.


I can write a clear text,
fluid and stylistically adapted
circumstances. I can
write letters, reports or
complex items, with a
clear construction allowing the
reader to seize and
memorize the important points.
I can summarize and criticize by
writes a professional work or
a literary work.